"Movement that feels like home."

Welcome to your Pilates Haus.  This is a place designed to make you feel, for lack of a better word…at home.

We want you to feel at home in our space, in your body, in your Pilates practice and wherever you are at on your own wellness and movement journey.


Get ready to re-integrate joy and simplicity back into your movement experiences. 


This a place where you can take a deep breath, let go, get connected, show up, and feel supported.  This is your space to move with ease, explore without judgement, to play, to work towards your goals, and then create new ones.  This is your space to say how you feel and what you need, each day you show up.  This is where you can take your shoes off, and move in ways that feel amazing.  This is where your relationship with your instructor is more like a friend and less like someone screaming in your face.  This is a place you want to come back to. This space is for you, this space is home!


What We Do



Currently Offering...

-Virtual Meet & Greet

-Virtual Private Sessions

-Virtual Coaching Sessions for Instructors/students


In Studio

Currently Offering...

1:1 Private Sessions

Virtual Meet & Greet

(in studio at our New Braunfels,TX location).

How We Do it...

We pair years of experience and technical cueing with a joyful approach to movement that leaves you feeling taken care of after each and every session.

"This is not your cookie-cutter Pilates." 


This is where we partner together to design custom programs for you, with exercises that are efficient for you, your body, and your goals.  We take on a limited number of clients so that we can show up for you as much as you are ready to show up for yourself.


Pilates Manifesto

(Why We do It)


We believe…

Joy and simplicity belong in your fitness routine. Guilt does not.

Movement that feels good and brings you joy is sustainable.

Pilates is a partnership.

You know how to move your body. We are here to help you tap deeper into what you already know! (Not to tell you everything you don't know).


You don’t need to be screamed at to have the support you are looking for.  


We can be technical without making your practice overwhelming.


The way we practice moving together should enhance your everyday life and other ways of movement you enjoy. 


"Pilates is nuanced but it doesn’t have to be so serious. It’s okay to laugh during a session =) "


Movement Stories


While it takes a bit to figure out the Pilates postures/alignment, once you "get it," you will have the tools for life to protect your back, hips, or whatever ails you. At my other work out classes, sometimes, I swap out certain core exercises that I know are bad for my low back and do Pilates core instead or work on my glutes/hips. 


I feel that Pilates is an ideal and necessary adjunct to my exercise regimen in order to keep me feeling strong, healthy, and prevent further injury.


I honestly feel that Pilates will be a part of my life long term.


I immediately found that the classes were having an impact on my strength especially my core.  I felt stronger not only while doing Pilates but in my everyday life.  I think it is a workout routine that you can stick to and it is easy to do some of the exercises at home for those non class days.  My experience has really been uplifting.


A few months into my practice my husband was noticing not only that I was getting strong, but that I was enjoying my workouts and really staying committed to going. I told him that I thought it would be great for him too. He has back issues, so having Carissa’s watchful eye ensuring correct positioning and modifications was just what he needed. He is now a regular too.


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